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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello guys! (:
Miss you all.
So long never updates my bloggy.
Coz i'm lazy and i don't want what to post. =="
Damn it. So bored lah.
I want go shopping with friends!
But i don't think my parents let me go out .____.
Sien nia. Wanna slap her!
Muahaha! * evil smile.
Want sleep lu.
Updates again.
Maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next year. x3
Lazy!! ><"
Bye~ (:

Good nite.
Sweet Dreams. Lurve you.
Muacks. ♥

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

alone.. ):

So bored. So, I updates my bloggy.
Nothing to write also.
So long never him already.
Haiz. Din online also.
Nevermind lah. I still got Jade teman me.
I miss him. Should i give up
* Wanna hug him.

Good nite.
Sweet dreams, Lurve you.

v o n

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm a keeper.

Haiz. Someone din reply my message.
I miss him lah!

Aaron Looi De Ming, I miss you badly!
You're like suddenly dissapear in my life.
You make me sad. Nevermind lah.
I'm waiting......
Anyway, tired now.
Bye bye.

Good nite.
Sweet dreams. Lurve you.

v o n

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jong hyun 종현 ! i lurve him.
Sunday, November 22, 2009

金钟铉 Kim JongHyun 김종현

I lurve him! Damn leng zaii weih!
Yeee! He so leng zaii neh!
I lurve him.

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ah's family :DD

Me ; Ah Girl
Aaron ; Ah Boy
Jade ; Ah Ah
Rika ; Ah ya
Ryan ; Ah Yorr
Ying ; Don't know yet

This my Ah's Family. (:
I love my family.

My new family.

Good nite.
Sweet dream, love you.

v o n

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yesterday! (:
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yesterday, i went to tuition at 7.45am.
Reach there, i want to wear my contact lens.
But don't know why my eyes cant open BIG BIG.

Nevermind. I saw Weien.

Actually wanna hug him. But KangQing and SweaYing there.
Then talk a while, he walk away.

Then Grachel come already!
Weien come back again. I ask Grachel hug him.
But she paiseh. Then nevermind lu.
I hug first.

Then i ask her faster hug him. * Hug!
Wheee! So sweet neh.

Hahaa. WeeWeiEn, you're fucking SLIM!!
LOL! Mr.Caleb Ho class damn "song" weih!
I like it.
After tuition me, Anyee & Andrea go MCM buy cup mee!
Then go fetch Kylie, Elisa & Renee.
Go Mcd wait Mrs.RIKA TAN.

She's always late.
Call her.

Tuuut.... Tuut... * finally, she pick up.

Me :" Weih, where are you? "
Rika :" My house. "
Me :" Uh-huh?! Then meet us at Bubble tea there. "
Rika :" Okiee. "
Tuut... Tuuut...

We walk to Bubble tea there.
After we order, Rika came.

Then she order also. Me and elisa share the Tom Yam noodles.
Rika din eat. And she cut her hair.

Haha. Cute & Pretty.
After finish our lunch. We went to Mcd again.

LOL! Eat again!
Saw Renee's father and borther there.
I like her father lah. Damn friendly weih.
And her brother so cute.

Then Anyee's mother fetch us go Anyee's house.
In the car, got someone me.
Whee! I lurve him.
Then we go fetch QaoMinn.

Go Anyee's house. Whee!
We went there saw her second sister's boyfriends.
Leng zaii pun.

LOL! Then we watch "Sick Nurse" & "Where got ghose"
"Sick Nurse" damn nice weih.

A bit scary.
LOL! Then eat my cup mee.
After watching movie. We want go playground.
But raining.

Fine. At Anyee's house play bear.
Me and Andrea each of us take a bear then fight.
I know thats too childish. But FUN!
I lurve it.

Then Andrea's grandfather bring us go Andrea's house.
Really nothing to do there. So bored.
But Andrea's sister play with me.

Not that bored also lah.
Then bath, eat, go tuition.
Go out the whole day. Tired.
But i lurve it so much.

I likes to go out with my Polygons.

Good nite.
Sweet dreams, lurve ya.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

* Yawn-ing. xD
So sleepy. But i don't want sleep yet .__.
LOL! Today edit my blog.
Edit till i wanna kill the laptop.
I don't know how to edit -.-
At last my blog look more pretty and cute.

Good nite. Lurve you.

I lurve my big ah boy


v o n

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